The Morfords visit Southern Hills Lavender

This is a guest post from Jim and Wanda Morford.  They visited SHL in May 2015 and are owners of Morford Lavender Farm in Kansas.

– Mary B.

Meandering through a land unknown to us, Wanda and I trusted our GPS to find this new lavender farm called Southern Hills Lavender. I had never been to South Carolina, so I had no idea where I was going. But on this sunny day we wandered off the interstate until we got close to this Farm. The GPS seemed a bit unclear exactly where it was, but then, as we approached a fork in the road … oh my, it was obvious, WE HAD ARRIVED! Tim and Mary had discovered the perfect spot to come ‘back home’ to South Carolina to “homestead” on their very own land in the beautiful Western part of South Carolina!

Mary greeted us as we arrived, and from the very moment we set foot on the farm, we were not just impressed, but we knew all those years Mary and Tim had dreamed … well, their “dream” was now establishing roots in their new home!

Distracted by our love of dogs, we couldn’t start the tour of the lavender field until after pampering Dozer and Penny. Then we suddenly were confronted with a well hid bird nest with baby birds in a hanging basket under the car port! We knew this was a genuine farm … a place that not only could Mary and Tim call “home”, but it was a great place to visit.

It was so exciting to hear the vision of these young “love birds”, but it was impressive to see the well laid out field of lavender and the wise use of machinery to establish raised rows and fabric well established so it would stay in place.

In every way, our visit with Mary was beyond what we even envisioned when we began our trek. After seeing this beginning, we can’t wait to go back and see how this vision takes shape. Their experience was far beyond Mary’s leadership as the founding President of the US Lavender Growers Association … she had taken in all she had seen and learned, and together, Mary and Tim have sprouted a showcase of lavender in a part of our country where folks are likely to ask, as they do in our area, “What is lavender? … and … “What is it used for?”. Southern Hills Lavender is set to be a real destination point for years to come.

Jim with their bees!

Our new lavender farm in Kansas was started as a support system for our bee operation. We started without a vision of what lavender could be. What a fresh breath of air it was to see a young couple with a vision and a farm that is already a place you need to see to believe. Mary, thanks for a great tour … every part of your operation is so inspiring. We can only wish both of you the best for years to come!


Jim (and Wanda) Morford
Morford-lavender-farm-2Morford Lavender Farm
1376 18th Rd
Kanopolis, Kansas 67454