The Deharts visit Southern Hills Lavender

We got to visit with Jane and David Dehart when they stopped by SHL!  They own Cranberry Lake Lavender Farm in Marcellus, MI.

– Mary B.

cranberry lake picWhat a Vision. What a plan. What planners. That’s Mary and Tim. In visiting their farm this last spring on our drive back from Florida to Michigan, my husband David and I stopped by to see how their Master Plan was coming.

Their choice of property is a very good one. It is a beautiful location in Greer, the western area of South Carolina, but I must say I am thankful for our GPS. The roads wind in and out of the beautiful Carolina hills. When you turn off the main road (I wouldn’t call it a highway), their newly cultivated rows immediately stir your senses of what is to come.

When visiting in April, they were just getting started and had not yet done their first planting. Their rows were a beautiful gradual curve down the hillside. And even though they say it wasn’t easy to do, you could have fooled us. At that time, the rows had been placed and their mounds were covered with a weed barrier. Later in May, Mary had a great “planting” day with friends and family that put in 500 plants. I was watching her on her Facebook page which I plan on continuing.

We had seen Mary and Tim’s plans earlier at our USLGA Conference but only in passing. This visit allowed us to get the full scale picture of what was coming. I can only encourage everyone to watch to see how they grow to not only include more planting but a new home for the both of them.

As our past USLGA President, Mary has exhibited her organizational skills and is an inspiration to all our members. We’re so glad she is continuing on now on our Board and Committee Chair of the Internet Committee. Skills? Yes, this girl has them!

When we arrived back in Michigan, it was time to go to work on our own farm, Cranberry Lake Lavender Farm in Marcellus, MI. Starting our farm four years ago, I only wish I’d had a plan like theirs. But, it isn’t all that bad. We too keep growing and are opening up to U-Pick this year and have been able to replant our almost 70% loss of plants as well as add to them. We currently have about 2000 plants and may not be done yet. With the making of products and working in the field, we are extremely busy as Mary and Tim are already learning. I’ve called Mary a “real hands in the dirt farmer” now.

We will certainly be going back in the future for another visit. Mary and Tim are truly inspirational and David and I wish you all the blessings for your future.