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As many of you know, when we originally planted our field in 2015, we received diseased plant material from one of our suppliers (story here). The disease couldn’t be “cured” and it impacted our whole field. With all the rain this year, the disease has moved further and further and terribly affected the plants. We are at a crossroads and need to make some decisions. The plants are too damaged to sustain more Upicks. We had always planned to expand our field up the hill in additional acres, but we have come to the conclusion that the time, materials and cost it will take to start with a clean field and keep the field clean are too high and will most likely not stave off further disease issues in the future.

SHL has, therefore, come to the extremely hard decision that we will be changing business direction and only focusing on propagating the lavender (we can propagate from the plants because the disease is in the soil and kills the roots and we can sterilize the leaf cuttings). We will not have any further lavender Upicks and we will stop the production and selling of lavender-related products. We will use the plant material that we do still have to work towards larger-scale propagation. This change is not something that was an easy or quick decision, but we had to acknowledge the decline of the plants.

We will be working through details on selling our remaining inventory, bulk supplies, equipment and fresh lavender that does come in next year. The products we do have left will be on sale at CRAVE Coffee on Butler and 385 while they remain.

We started working on the idea of a lavender farm in 2010, moved to this land in 2014, planted in 2015 and had our first mind-blowing Upick in 2016. It’s amazing to see how far we came in 4 short years and we could not have done what we did without our families, friends and awesome supporters. Thank you guys for loving lavender.

Sincerely, Mary and Tim

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