Where is the farm?

20140829_164220GRRR (pronounced GRRR), Greer’s, Grier, the town between Spartanburg and Greenville – Greer, South Cackalakee, I mean South Carolina! Have you been to Greer lately? When I was growing up in South Carolina, it was a dot on the map. Today, it’s got an international airport, major businesses, a thriving downtown, proudly local businesses, big box stores, and a grocery store every ten miles on 29. Southern Hills Lavender is where I once thought the earth ended, but now has a steady stream of school, homeowner, and mountain goer and bicyclists’ traffic. Southern Hills Lavender has the mountains in the background but is less than 30 minutes (we timed it!) to downtown Greenville. And there’s beautiful parks all around. Campbell’s Covered Bridge is a hidden gem and our dogs love the water. We’ve seen many professional photos being taken there! Caesars Head and Table Rock (pictured here) are about an hour away and the trails at Table Rock are beyond awesome. The land we were blessed with is in a great location – a short turn off of Hwy 101 – so when the plants are ready, we’ll be an easy drive to come on by!

We choose Greer because it was close to our families, close to major cities, and had lots to do. I mean, how can you miss the Albino Skunk Festival??

– Mary B