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Novelties of Country Life

20140531_145701The field grass was 2 feet tall and we had a clothes line. Those are 2 things we never experienced while living in a neighborhood. Moving to the “country” has been eye-opening and satisfying. My parents were gardeners, but I don’t think they’d thought one of their kids would ever end up on a farm. But ever since we got married, we’ve had plants and especially in our last house, we collected everything that was free or even half dead. We had a plant clinic and we killed plenty while experimenting too. Every year, our backyard would get smaller because of a new garden bed. And then we moved to 15 acres of land – room to move and spread out. I can look across our land and not see a light pole or a house. I can see lightning bugs at night and each star clearly. We do have neighbors though! But I don’t see them out every day walking their dogs like our neighbors did in a neighborhood. And we’ve had several lost animals nearby and it’s always frustrating trying to reunite them with their worried pet parent.

We also had to buy lots of new “yard” equipment – and my husband has been okay with that! Our first purchase was a professional trimmer. It’s like a weed whacker on steroids. It has handle bars and a harness to wear. And it cuts like a champ! We’ve had to clear fence lines and get an old gate working again. We’ve picked some of the best blackberries off those unkempt fences lines too.

We’ve had the fields bush-hogged and baled – an experience for any non-country kid! I sent a video of the “bale-pooper” to my niece and nephews and everyone loved the pictures of the entire process. It was fascinating how much more of the land we could see too – not just because the grass was short, but because the grown-over grass made the land look smooth and there are actually many dips and rises.
 20140708_173314  20140708_173240


Oh – and getting back to that clothes line. My husband wanted to dry everything on the clothes line because it had that special smell. I told him that’s fine as long as he hangs and brings in everything. That lasted about 2 loads of laundry! It is highly useful though for bulky items or things that can’t take high heat.

Yep, I’m getting used to country life. We don’t have cows or corn, but I haven’t missed being in a neighborhood yet. 🙂

– Mary B.


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