Getting the lavender babies

April 25th was the day!  We drove to White Oak Lavender Farm and picked up 37 trays of lavender babies.  We also received a shipped order of plants later that week from Peace Tree Farms. We’ll get our last order of plants from Victor’s Lavender in late May.

To get the plants from White Oak, we created a plant rack in my Pilot.  We got the tray dimensions, added up how many trays we had, measured the available space in the Pilot, and designed a rack that would hold all the trays.  We took the 2nd row seats out and VERY CAREFULLY put in shelves.  Anything that might come in contact with any part of my car got pipe insulation.  It worked out great!  We took the drill and some supplies with us.  One thing we didn’t think of – but really should have – was the trays sliding off the sides on the top and middle shelves.  We stopped at Lowes, bought some 1x2s, a saw, and screws and made it so the trays wouldn’t slide off.  The plants did great and the rack worked perfectly.


Then, we got 3 boxes by Fedex from Peace Tree.  One variety had more growth and it did great in the boxes!  Another variety wasn’t as big, and the trays moved around and several plants were broken in transit.  We “replanted” these trays and are letting them grow out more before planting them.  The bigger plants are already in the field!