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Our Lavenders

So many lavenders!  There are literally hundreds of cultivars of lavender that cover all different shapes, sizes, colors, smells, and uses. We have two main types: Angustifolias and Intermedias (Lavandins).  Angustifolia are generally smaller plants and have a “sweeter” smell and taste. Intermedia are a hybrid of Angustifolia and another species, Latifolia. Intermedias are generally larger plants, the stems are longer, and they have a more camphor taste and smell.

Angustifolias develop and bloom first and will start our Upick season.  Intermedias develop later and finish our Upick season.

Intermedias with spikier stems.

Angustifolia with shorter stems.

We currently have these cultivars:

  • Intermedias:
    • Grosso – One of the classics!  Long stems, rich purple flowers and a great smell!
    • Provence – The blooms are a lighter purple and it has long stems.  The smell is a little more gentle than Grosso.
    • Fred Boutin – These flowers are two-tone and have long stems.
    • Impress Purple – This is very similar to Grosso!
  • Angustifolias:
    • Imperial Gem – These have shorter stems with deep purple flowers and a sweet smell.
    • Hidcote – Shorter stems with deep purple flowers and sweet smell.
    • Betty’s Blue – These have short stems, but more space between the blooms with a blue hue.
    • Royal Velvet – These have a deep color and are used frequently for cooking.
    • Folgate – The purple is lighter but it’s used for cooking too.
    • Melissa – These have a very pale pink flower and are good in cooking.
    • Maillette – These are a different bear.  They have a mixture of characteristics of the Intermedias and Angustifolias, but have the sweet oil of the Angustifolias.
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